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Singer Pur & Go Guitars
Electric Seraphim
New soundscapes for voices and electric guitars

A world premier with works from
Perotinus (ca. 1200) · Guillaume Dufay (ca. 1400-1474)
Matthäus Pipelare (ca. 1450-1515)
Carlo Gesualdo da Venosa (ca. 1562-1613)
John Cage (1912-1992) · Arvo Pärt (*1935) · Michael Hirsch (*1958)
Fredrik Zeller (*1965) · Bernhard Weidner (*1965)

As one of the Maulbronn Monastery Edition,
the K&K publishing house presents
a live recording of a monastery concert from
18 June 2003

1 CD, DDD, 63 min., KuK 98
ISBN 3-930643-98-7, EAN 42 6000591 030 8
Copyright by K&K Verlagsanstalt anno 2005







Five electric guitarists meet an a cappella formation of classical bias. With "Electric Seraphim", this unique musical constellation launches the listener into totally new soundscapes. The program of vocal and vocal/guitar pieces is an experiment that forms a symbiosis; the old masters encounter contemporary compositions created exclusively for this project, compelling their essence into the modern world. The result is arresting and surprisingly homogeneous. The basically intellectually abstract fusion of disparate musical composition and sound forms lying several centuries apart, reveal new perspectives relating to the development of so-called "serious music", these lying not in the niches of the abstract but rather in the synthesis of voice and instrument. This becomes apparent in, for example, the composition by Fredrik Zeller from the year 2003, Pero Pop - Sederunt, whose atmospheric content reflects that of the Sederunt principes of Perotinus from the 12th Century.








Ensembles & Artists

"Singer Pur" was formed in 1991 and now counts as one of the leading German vocal groups. In 1994, the sextet, comprising five former Regensburg choir boys and a female soprano, was awarded the first prize in the Deutscher Musikwettbewerb in Bonn and, in 1995, the Grand Prix for vocal music at the international Tampere Music Festival in Finland. There followed tours in USA, Canada, Africa and central Asia. Singer Pur's love of experimentation is seen not only in their joint projects with the Hilliard Ensemble but also in other unusual performances, such as their interpretation of the Triduum Sacrum performed during Holy Week 2001 in the Roman basilica, founded in the year 560, dei SS. XII Apostoli.

The electric guitar quintet "Go Guitars" [go (jap.): five] was founded by New York composer Lois V Vierck in 1997 to perform her similarly named work. There followed premiers of works specially written for Go Guitars: compositions from M. Hettmer, B. Weidner, J.F.W. Schneider, M. Hirsch, J.A. Riedl, Z. Babel, P. M. Hamel, F. Zeller, Iris ter Schiphorst, M. Sell. Concerts have taken place at the international Bodensee-Festival, Atlantischen Festival, A*Devantgarde-Festival, Donaueschinger Musiktage, Festival Klangaktionen/Neue Musik in Munich, Musica Viva (BR). In December 2001 Go Guitars received the City of Munich's music scolarship.

Singer Pur:
Claudia Reinhard - soprano
Klaus Wenk, Markus Zapp, Andreas Hirtreiter · tenor
Guido Heidloff · baritone
Marcus Schmidl · bass
Go Guitars · Electric Guitar Music:
Christian Bergmann, Gunnar Geisse, Gregor Holzapfel, Harald Lillmeyer, Adrian Pereyra








Singer Pur & Go Guitars
Electric Seraphim
New soundscapes for voices and electric guitars

1. Perotinus (um 1200)
Sederunt principes

2. Fredrik Zeller (geb. 1965)
PeroPop Sederunt (2003)

3. Bernhard Weidner (geb. 1965)
Schwebende Lerchen (2003)
Rilkefragment für 6-stimmiges Vokalensemble und 5 E-Gitarren

4. Matthäus Pipelare (ca. 1450 - 1515)
Memorare Mater Christi

5. John Cage (1912 - 1992)
Five / song books

6. Carlo Gesualdo da Venosa (ca. 1562 - 1613)
Languisce al fin

7. Michael Hirsch (geb. 1958)
anlaufen aufschwingen abstürzen (2000/2003)
Monolog für 5 elektrische Gitarren und 6 Sänger

8. Arvo Pärt (geb. 1935)
Summa (1980)

9. Guillaume Dufay (ca. 1400-1474)
Ecclesiae militantis / Sanctorum arbitrio / Bella canunt gentes (1431)

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