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Concert for Horn and Organ

with works by
Joh.Seb.Bach, Gottfried.A. Homilius, Corelli, Bernhard Krol,
Camille Saint-Saens, Stanley Weiner and Robert Schumann

A concert recording from the
UNESCO monument Monastery Maulbronn

Joachim Bänsch, Horn
Erika Krautter-Budday, Organ

Audio CD, DDD, ca. 60 Min.
KuK 69. ISBN 3-930643-69-3





Joh.Seb.Bach: Dorische Toccata und Fuge - Komm, heiliger Geist, Herre Gott
Gottfried A. Homilius: Choralbearbeitungen für Horn und Orgel
Arc. Corelli: Sonate F-Dur
Bernhard Krol: Missa muta für Horn und Orgel - Laudatio für Horn solo
Camille Saint-Saens: Morceau de Concert op. 94 für Horn und Orgel
Stanley Weiner: Bremen Suite op. 162 für Horn und Orgel
Robert Schumann: Aus: 6 Fugen über B-a-c-h op. 60


A Benefizkonzert in favor of the new winter church organ united the two Solisten 1995. Since then the duo completed numerous concerts abroad the in and, which were connected with strong resonance. The duo in particular made itself because of its unorthodox programs, which stand out doing good against the baroque unit plate, a name. The Maulbronner Klosterorganistin Erika Krautter Budday proved their immense musi potashty and virtuoses being able by numerous concerts. Joachim Baensch is the solo bugler of the SWR radio Sinfonieorchesters Stuttgart. It comes of the legendary Blaeserschule to the northWest German Blaeserakademie Detmold, was scholarship holder Herbert of Karajan donation, winner of different competitions and solo bugler of the Bamberger Sinfoniker, until its way led it into the solo position of this international point orchestra. While the combination trumpet/organ achieved in the meantime a certain saturation point, there is much new to discover with the connection of horn and organ still.

Concert date: 12. June 2000, monastic church Maulbronn

The Edition
What makes the European atmosphere so intense? What defines the European heritage? Where can you find the roots of European culture? Guided by these questions, we document major works of European music in live-recordings at one of the most authentic cisalpean places by our Edition Monastery Maulbronn.
I´ve tasted myself physically the perfect accoustical and architectical beauty of this performing place and the exquisite musical staging - which deeply impressed me. An editor cannot but follow his intention to preserve those cultural values for the posterity.
Josef Stefan Kindler

The concerts at the Monastery Maulbronn
The concerts at the monastery Maulbronn are performed since 1968 and offer in the meantime a programm, which has not only international continuance, but also stands the comparison with bigger stages in the world. The performances take place between may and september in the historical rooms of the monastery (church, layical refectory, cloister garden). There are about 25 concerts annually. We publish a selection of the most beautiful works of religious and secular music by our edition.

The monastery Maulbronn
The monastery is recognized as the only completely preserved medeaeval complex north of the alps. In 1994 it was admitted to the "Unesco-list of world culture heritage of mankind" as the 13. building in germany and so finds himself in company with such famous buildings as the Pyramids or the Tadsch Mahal.